3.5/5 Stars - IndyRed Reviews

"This is a film that will entertain straight through until the credits."

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3/5 Stars - ReelRomp Reviews

"Dunbar's story comes through loud and clear and the titles director, Don Swanson, does a fabulous job..."

3.5/5 Stars - 22 Indie Street Reviews

"On so many levels this film works... This is a film that knows what it is and goes for it."

7.5/10 - Movie Reviews 101

"This is a good, strong drama that shows the struggles to make a wish come true.."

"Altmeyer as the restless, hardworking Sophie is very good, creating a character with whom the audience easily relates."

- Bobby LePire

"...if you get a chance to check it out at a film festival near you or with an eventual digital/streaming release you should definitely give it a shot. "

- Richard Propes

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