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Writing has always been a passion of mine. At age ten I wrote my first book entitled Snow Beast. Though never published, it was bound in a cardboard cover overlaid with cloth treated in a starch solution under my mother’s tutelage. To her credit it has remained preserved, perfectly. 


Throughout my teen years, usually during the summer months, I wrote stories on an old typewriter. While most were discarded before their conclusion, a couple found residence in the back of my mind and could very well fall onto the keyboard of my laptop at some point. 


It wasn’t until taking several writing courses in college that I realized it was probably my strongest lifelong ambition.   In my spare time I’ve written several books. Two have been published to date

December 25, 2014, I was on the  phone with Bob Gimlin exchanging Christmas wishes as we do each year. An authentic cowboy, Bob lends his equine skills to give horse and sleigh rides to Wish kids in his neighborhood. I joked, “Has any of those kids ever wished for you to find Bigfoot for them?” Of course, to the rest of the world Bob is synonymous with Bigfoot. From that conversation the concept for A Wish for Giants was born and I began to write. 


Owing to four decades of Bigfoot enthusiasm and borrowing from mine and Bob’s heartfelt desire to help Wish kids, the story came into focus more and more with each page. “What if,” I thought out loud, “what if a kid wished to find Bigfoot? How would a Wish granting entity, resourceful enough to bring an A-list celebrity to a child’s hospital room, handle a task science itself still wishes for? Would karma intervene for such a noble cause?” Of course, I threw in some classic elements to keep the story interesting such as a dedicated child advocate and a scandalous bad guy. Without our villain the end twist (which in my opinion completes the story) would not have been possible—but I’ll stop there!

As summer came, some neighbors were at our house swimming when I mentioned that I needed a young girl’s hand for the cover of a novel I was working on. Right away, a 12 year old Alexa raised her hand—“Pick me! Pick me!” A little photoshop with a darkened forest picture, an ape suit hand and the book’s face was finished. 


As the novel was nearing its final editing, Cliff Barackman of the show Finding Bigfoot, became a member of an online forum dedicated to Sasquatch talk— The Bigfoot Forums. Cliff was kind enough to let me use his (at the time) freshly taken photo of Bluff Creek for the back cover of my novel. 

The day my novel became available Cliff was the first to purchase it along with an invitation to the largest Bigfoot conference in the eastern United States. It was there in Salt Fork, Ohio, that I met Cliff and several other prominent figures in the field of Bigfoot research. While hardcore researchers usually frown on fictional stories of the big hairy guy, with a soft heart to the story’s content they all commented that it would make a great movie. 

- Aaron Dunbar,

  Writer of A Wish for Giants

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